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Tierre Group S.p.a. A complete range double ferrule fittings, instrumentation fittings, needle valves, gauge valves and ball valves for medium and high pressures, dedicated to industrial instrumentation, oil & gas and process industry. The main sectors of use of these products are the chemical and petrolchemical sectors, in & off-shore, shipbuilding, semiconductors, energy production, iron and steel, test systems and benches.

Prodotti e soluzioni in vetrina

S-LOK Tube Fittings have been designed specifically for the many demanding applications such as chemical, petroleum, power generating, pulp and paper, and various types of manufacturing industries. They provide a highly reliable, leak proof and torque free seal on all tubing connections. S-LOK Tube Fittings are commonly used on instrumentation, process and control systems where high quality tube fittings are required.

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Settori Merceologici:

  • Automazione Industriale
  • Manutenzione industriale
  • Strumentazione
  • Termotecnica per il petrolchimico
  • Trattamento acque
  • Trattamento Aria
  • Valvole