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LGM Engineering is the leading company in providing components for automation, regulation and fluid control industry. Our MISSION is to actively contribute to the improvement of the global productive system by supplying reliable and innovative technical solutions with competence, professionalism and disposability. We are designers, we are partners, we are manufacturer and each choice we make is driven by passion for our job.

Speech al convegno

The evolution of partial stroke testing: the digital position transmitter
Sala Expo Plaza

(Durante il convegno "Tecnologie e sostenibilità per il petrolchimico e il settore energetico")

The process of valve monitoring and testing has evolved over the years, improving plant operators’ ability to identify potential problems and implement corrective action. This presentation covers the history of valve monitoring and testing and discusses benefits of the latest methods.

Relatori Guido Gironi - LGM Engineering



Emergency Shut Down (ESD): Introduzione ai sistemi di controllo in ridondanza
28 novembre 2019 - Ora 14.30 - Sala Expo Plaza


La funzione in ridondanza è la più popolare tra i sistemi ESD (Emergency shut Down). Solitamente, tali sistemi sono integrati in un loop di chiusura e sono connessi ad un sistema di Shut Down indipendente, che a sua volta può essere ridondato. Il Workshop si pone l'obiettivo di introdurre alcuni tra i più comuni tra i sistemi sopra menzionati.

Prodotti e soluzioni in vetrina

Discover the latest news within the automation industry.
We design, produce and/or provide any kinf of industrial component.
As example:

-Valve and solenoid Valve
-Components for Gas Over Oil Actuators
-Air Treatment Equipment
-Pressure Switch
-Control Panels
-Automation Systems
-Tube and Pipe Fittings

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