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Roxtec, multinazionale svedese, leader mondiale nell’ambito di soluzioni di sigillatura per cavi e tubi. Multidiameter™, la nostra invenzione basata su moduli con strati rimovibili, prevede una sigillatura perfetta, indipendentemente dalle dimensioni esterne del cavo o del tubo, semplificando la progettazione, velocizzando l'installazione e riducendo le scorte di magazzino. I nostri sistemi di sigillatura sono stati testati ed approvati da tutti i principali enti di classificazione.

Prodotti e soluzioni in vetrina

The Roxtec BG™ (Bonding & Grounding) product family is a cable entry system for sealing large quantities of metal clad or armor cables in the least amount of space. Use it in building structures, cabinets and enclosures to save design and installation time – and to reduce costs!

Easy to design and install:
Thanks to the simplicity of the system you can design a sealing solution in no time. You just have to consider your material and rating requirements. Roxtec frames for BG™ solutions are available in stainless steel, galvanized steel and primed mild steel. In addition to the frame, there are only 7 module sizes to select from that accommodate cable sizes from 3.0mm (0.118
in) to 99.0mm (3.898 in). With the integrated or added compression unit and, in some cases, stayplates,your sealing solution is complete!

Efficiency and flexibility:
Roxtec BG™ solutions provide added flexibility to design while improving timing of project and equipment delivery. The Roxtec adaptability to cables of different sizes allows you to specify and design cable entries before final cable schedules are complete.

Certified for electrical safety:
■ Hazardous (Ex) locations
■ Bonding and grounding
■ Lightning protection
■ Fire rated, gas- and watertight

Roxtec Transit Designer™:
Smart design engineers use our free, online tool to select the right sealing solution and design hundreds of cable and pipe transits in just a few minutes.
They reduce risk and save a lot of time - often up to 80%!
■ Filter by application, certificate and sealing requirements.
■ Enter cable schedule, sealing requirements and installation preferences. The tool generates manufacturer-approved outputs (dxf, step, excel) for exact specifications, ordering and installation details.
■ Share your work securely with project teams anywhere in the world. The chat support offers you constant access to our experts.

Settori Merceologici:

  • Piping
  • Safety
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