mcT Petrolchimico Milano - Conference and Exhibition on Technology for the Petrochemical is an event, now in its twelfth edition, which combines an exhibition with vocational training for professional qualification.

Qualified delegates have access to:

  • An exhibition with industry leaders
  • A rich agenda of conferences and workshops
  • Free coffee-break and buffet
  • All proceedings to be downloaded after the event
  • Credits and certificates of attendance

We look forward to seeing you at mcT Petrolchimico Roma

Featured in the previuous edition

Combustion and Energy

NovitÓ di prodotto:
Combustion and Energy presenterÓ ai visitatori di mcT Petrolchimico 2019 una vasta gamma di prodotti, tra cui cassette Ex (serie GUB, serie EJB, etc.) certificate ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, CNEx, TRCU e PESO; i nuovi Segnalatori Ostacolo al Volo a LED Ex con grado di protezione Ex mb op is; soluzioni per il settore petrolchimico come accenditori alta energia e molto altro.

Combustion and Energy will present to mcT Petrolchimico 2019 visitors a wide range of products, that include also Explosion Proof boxes (GUB series, EJB series, etc.) ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, CNEx, TRCU and PESO certificate; new LED Aircraft Warning Lights suitable for hazardous area Ex mb op is; solutions for petrochemical field such as high energy ignitors and many other solutions and products.
logo Combustion and Energy

23848 - OGGIONO (LC)  -

Combustion and Energy SRL is an engineering company, established in 1988, to satisfy specific requirements in the Oil&Gas field. We manufacture equipment for hazardous areas and our staff has a reliable technical experience in engineering, inspection, project management and plant start-up. Our company is body ATEX and IECEx approved. Since 2005 LUXSOLAR (trademark of C&E SRL) has been manufacturing LED Aircraft Warning Lights for elevated structures in compliance with ICAO and FAA rules.