mcT Petrolchimico Milano - Conference and Exhibition on Technology for the Petrochemical is an event, now in its eleventh edition, which combines an exhibition with vocational training for professional qualification.

Qualified delegates have access to:

  • An exhibition with industry leaders
  • A rich agenda of conferences and workshops
  • Free coffee-break and buffet
  • All proceedings to be downloaded after the event
  • Credits and certificates of attendance

We look forward to seeing you at mcT Petrolchimico Roma

Featured Company

Tierre Group

NovitÓ di prodotto:
S-LOK Tube Fittings have been designed specifically for the many demanding applications such as chemical, petroleum, power generating, pulp and paper, and various types of manufacturing industries. They provide a highly reliable, leak proof and torque free seal on all tubing connections. S-LOK Tube Fittings are commonly used on instrumentation, process and control systems where high quality tube fittings are required.
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Tierre Group S.p.a.

A complete range double ferrule fittings, instrumentation fittings, needle valves, gauge valves and ball valves for medium and high pressures, dedicated to industrial instrumentation, oil & gas and process industry.

The main sectors of use of these products are the chemical and petrolchemical sectors, in & off-shore, shipbuilding, semiconductors, energy production, iron and steel, test systems and benches.