mcT Petrolchimico Milano - Conference and Exhibition on Technology for the Petrochemical is an event, now in its twelfth edition, which combines an exhibition with vocational training for professional qualification.

Qualified delegates have access to:

  • An exhibition with industry leaders
  • A rich agenda of conferences and workshops
  • Free coffee-break and buffet
  • All proceedings to be downloaded after the event
  • Credits and certificates of attendance

We look forward to seeing you at mcT Petrolchimico Roma

Featured in the previuous edition

LGM Engineering

NovitÓ di prodotto:
Discover the latest news within the automation industry.
We design, produce and/or provide any kinf of industrial component.
As example:

-Valve and solenoid Valve
-Components for Gas Over Oil Actuators
-Air Treatment Equipment
-Pressure Switch
-Control Panels
-Automation Systems
-Tube and Pipe Fittings
Tematica del workshop:
logo LGM Engineering

via Majorana, 2
20060 - Cassina de pecchi (MI)  -

LGM Engineering is the leading company in providing components for automation, regulation and fluid control industry. Our MISSION is to actively contribute to the improvement of the global productive system by supplying reliable and innovative technical solutions with competence, professionalism and disposability. We are designers, we are partners, we are manufacturer and each choice we make is driven by passion for our job.